Every little thing in life is beautiful. Every little experience is amazing. It gives a meaning to our monotonous life.

We , well most of us, have a fixed routine and thus enjoying such little things is beneficial for us to survive in a more better way in this busy world. In these experiences we find ourselves and know our selves better.

Life isn’t just to live but it is to experience new things, feelings,events,thoughts,and people.

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About mí mismo

Hello there! 

I always wanted to start a blog where I could connect with other amazing thoughts and could share my own thoughts with everyone. And here I am today smiling and excited while writing here.

This blog is going to be all about what I observe and feel about people, about animals and about this nature. No, it wont be boring or philosophical at least I will try not to insert my philosophy here. It will be just about what I individually think about the observations I make. 

Everyone goes through life’s uncertainty and spooky galaxies because that is what this life is about a mere roller coaster that we are sent to ride on without asking us. Some enjoy,some cry out of fear of falling and some just ride on it because they have no option but that is up to us don’t you think so? 

I guess everyone should write their experiences and observations somewhere maybe a diary or a blog. Writing really is something so different from singing or dancing or painting as while writing we are able to convey our thoughts to someone(be it a diary) at the same time we think while writing which makes us think about one aspect in different ways. Every word produced takes us to another word and then another and the chain goes on. It’s a different world (all the writers will be able to understand me) words are so like companions. They are the only companions who stay even after our death. Humans are nothing without them.

I am right now a student who is very  much interested in studying minds and behaviour of humans and animals. Yes a psychology student. At the same time I am also very much fond of literature. 

I am in a conflict of interests as I am fond of both of these subjects. From the 8 th grade I had a firm decision of taking up psychology and now this year when I came with acquaintance with literature I feel this is all i want.3 years of psychology including this year and just 1 year of literature.Such is our mind hoping from one to another. I hope I will be able to solve this till next year.

Thank you very much for going through my site , you are adorable.